PEEL Procedure Information

Vi Peels and information

Our speciality the one and only "Vi Peel"

We have done numerous studies on the other Peels available. We can assure you here at Umedspa the Vi Peel is by far the most superior peel. Vi Peels are safe for ALL skin types and absolutely NO pretreatment is required, we do request that you stop all retinoids and Retin -A at least one week before.


Day 1 is the application of your peel.
Peel remains on for 4 hours no other products allowed.
Day 2 no change and no special care needed.
Make up ok on day 2.
Day 3 (approximately 48 hours after peel is applied)
Peeling begins and continues into Day 5.
Day 6 almost back to normal (very little peeling)
Day 7 peeling over and skin is amazing!


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