PEEL Procedure Information


Day 1 is the application of your peel.
Stays on 2-4 hours.
Day 2 no change.
Day 3-6 you will start peeling.
During the peeling process you must adhere to the aftercare given including:
NO sun exposure.
NO unnecessary heat exposure (some work outs).
NO events to attend.
No Retin A or Retinols one week prior.


Our strongest and best medical grade peel.
25% stronger than Vi Peel.
*All darker skin tones MUST pretreat with either.
2% or 4% hydroquinone 2 weeks or longer.
available for $60.00 at Umedspa.
Slower peeling process Days 3-6.
Medium depth peel to removes more stubborn brown spots and tightens skin.
Best anti-aging peel available.

REVE Peel Modified

No pretreatment required. More similar to Vi Peel.
Comes with a week of skincare and makeup.

Vi Peel

No pretreatment required. Peeling is rapid normally.
Begins on Day 3 with days 3-5 being minimal downtime.
Vi Peel with precision booster.
25% stronger than regular ViPeel.
Vi Peel is also available with a precision booster for added $100.
The booster is 25% stronger than the regular ViPeel.


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Phone: 1-657-232-0255

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